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I'm interested in increasing diversity in STEM fields, particularly in higher education at the undergraduate and graduate level.  My main emphasis is on, but not limited to, individuals underrepresented in STEM, e.g., see report.  Below are some efforts I've been involved in:

  • Combined support from Caltech, ERAU, the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, and Pasadena College Access Plan to perform outreach presentations across the Navajo Nation during the 2013-2015, 2015-16, and 2016-17 academic years to increase interest in STEM-related disciplines.  My colleagues and I aimed to deliver scholastic and scientific components to high school students living in immensely rural regions.  These include: 1) provide scholarship information and their applications process, and 2) provide scientific presentations geared towards high school students and lecture laser interferometry science with a mock interferometer provided by the LIGO Scientific Collaboration.  The 2015-16 and 2016-17 efforts have been partnered with Jasmine Gill and Marek Szczepanczyk of ERAU.  All of us are members of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration and efforts are continuing to expand.

  • Extensive volunteering for public outreach at Caltech.  Done in collaboration with LIGO, Jet Propulsion Lab, and Caltech's Astronomy Outreach.  Activities since fall 2015 have included: serving on a panel for public lecture series, telescope observing, public discussions at Astronomy on Tap events in and around Pasadena, visiting local high schools, and gravitational wave outreach at JPL open house events.

  • Volunteer for LIGO display at the 2015 & 2016 AISES Conference and the 2016 SACNAS National Conference.  Corey Gray (LIGO LHO Lead Operator) and I delivered talks at the 2016 AISES Conference about the first detection of gravitational waves.

  • Volunteer for stargazing activities on the roof of Pupin Hall as part of Columbia Astronomy Public Outreach.  Active from fall 2013-2015.

  • Principal Proposer of the SPS Marsh W. White Award in 2011. Award provided funds for STEM-related outreach efforts at a Native American dormitory in Flagstaff, AZ.

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